Senior Care

Senior Care

Our loyal pets deserve the best care! Loop 363 Animal Hospital provides above and beyond personalized care to senior pets to make sure they’re comfortable for their entire visit.

Cats and dogs are naturally inclined to fall back on their ancestral behavior. In the wild, weak or sick animals must hide their limitations in order to avoid predators who prey on the frailer animals. Instinctively cats and dogs hide illness well, turning veterinarians into detectives. Consistent visits allow a veterinarian to identify an illness that your pet may be trying to mask. Kidney disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism (dogs) hyperthyroidism (cats) are common in senior pets and treatments are available if detected early. By detecting, treating, and preventing problems before they become life threatening, we can help to extend the life of your favorite four-legged family member.

Routine checkups, dietary changes and alterations to your pet’s home environment will allow for your senior animal to live a healthier, longer life. Keeping a wary eye on your aging pet’s behaviors and physical appearance are both things you also should be aware of. Noticing these changes can allow for a quicker diagnosis when visiting your pet’s doctor for an examination. Senior pets require special needs because of how quickly they age. It is important that these family members receive complete health screenings as part of their routine medical care. Blood tests can provide a detailed look at your pet’s health from the inside. With these blood tests, veterinarians can check for anemia, infection, diabetes, liver and kidney and thyroid disease.

Senior Pet Care

Regular veterinary exams are the most important part of senior pet care. We recommend getting an exam twice a year to identify developing diseases and conditions related to aging. Senior health care addresses a plethora of issues, including the following:


Parasite Prevention and treatment
Dental care
Diet and nutrition
Weight and exercise
Behavioral changes
Mobility and accommodations
Pain relief

Early identification offers the most effective treatments with less invasive measures, more comfortable for your pet and more affordable as well.

Senior Pet Diseases

In your pets senior years, managing chronic diseases & managing age-related conditions becomes far more important than disease prevention. Lab diagnostics & testing provide an opportunity for early detection of these issues. To the surprise of many pet owners, regular dental care also prevents serious age-related problems like heart & kidney disease.

A primary concern, pain management is related to many diseases and conditions. We are committed to keeping your pet happy and comfortable throughout the golden years. Later, when your old friend reaches the end of life, we offer compassionate treatment and humane options from veterinarians who truly care including cremation services.

Changes in Senior Pets

Changes in behavior is often one of the first signs of age-related problems in a pet. Some behaviors can indicate pain, including sudden aggression toward others, withdrawal, or increased vocalizing. Other symptoms can include the following:

House soiling or accidents
Disrupted sleep
Confusion or disorientation
Circling or other repeated actions
Not responding to your voice
Less interest in play or activities
Refusal to eat or drink
Any of these symptoms may be indicative of a potentially serious problem in an aging pet. Contact our clinics if your pet has these or any sudden change in behavior.

More Information Online

Download this free Senior Pet brochure from the AVMA.

Enjoy a variety of articles about caring for senior pets from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

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